Top 5 reasons why paintballing is a great activity for kids  

Paintballing is an activity that all ages can enjoy, particularly kids. Challenging, exciting and the perfect way to unleash the endless source of energy that all kids seem to have in bucket loads, paintballing is a great way of keeping your kids entertained, happy and most importantly, active!

Paintballing for kids in the midlands lends itself to all occasions. From children’s parties, group trips and team building exercises right through to memorable family days out, there really is no better environment for your little and big kids to have fun!

Does it Hurt to Get Hit with a Paintball?

You may be about to embark on your first ever game of Paintball? Lucky you! One question you might be asking yourself is – Does paintball hurt? will it be sore if I get hit with a Paintball?

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In our latest post we will explain all.

So let’s jump straight in!

Is Paintball Safe?

Despite popular belief, paintballing is a relatively safe activity, which people of all ages can come together and enjoy. Exciting, exhilarating, and of course, a fantastic team building exercise, paintballing will definitely unleash your adventurous side!

However, just like any physical sport, there is some element of risk when it comes to safety. And, that risk increases if you fail to take the necessary safety precautions before entering the playing field, particularly when it comes to protecting your body.

If you’re new to paintballing and you’re thinking about playing for the first time, it’s highly likely that it’s crossed your mind whether or not being a hit by a paintball actually hurts, right?