Paintballing for Hen and Stag Parties

5 reasons why paintballing makes a great activity for hen and stag parties to enjoy

Paintballing is fast becoming an increasingly popular activity, which many hen and stag parties are incorporating into their weekend itinerary of fun with their friends, family and new in-laws!

Paintballing not only allows you to unleash your inner child but it’s also an activity that will also make you and your party feel like you are part of a real-life action movie. Of course, it’s also a great way of bonding with your stag or hen party, especially your future mother in law!

We’ve complied a list outlining why paintballing for hen and stag parties is sure to go down a treat!

These are the days that bind you together

From initiating a winning strategy together, and working as a team to successfully defeat the opposition, paintballing is the ultimate bonding activity that is sure to get your last weekend of shenanigans before married life off to a great start!

If anything brings a group together, it’s sharing the same goal for success!

Fun and laughter

Hen and stag parties should be fun, memorable and full of laughter, particularly at the expense of the bride and groom, right?

Paintballing is a great way of integrating some friendly competition into your weekend of fun! From manoeuvring a host of game zones together to working out the best way to triumph against your opposition, it’s an activity that is sure to get your heart and mind pumping! Just don’t take yourself too seriously – it’s only a game after all!

Something different

Today, hen and stag parties are so much more than a night out on the tiles to mark the bride and groom’s last night of freedom! Today, the possibilities are endless when it comes to organising a fun fuelled stag or hen party, with more and more people looking for new and exciting activities to experience with their party – paintballing being one of them!

And with paintballing, you wont have to worry about accommodating everyone in your group, as the majority of paintballing centres are able to cater for all group sizes!

Just don’t forget the mandatory silly costume for the bride or groom to wear over their protective gear!

An action packed day for all ages to enjoy

Paintballing is an activity, which people of all ages, and fitness levels can enjoy together! Oh and if you want to act like overgrown children and relive your youth, it couldn’t be more perfect.

Most paintballing centres offer a whole host of heart-racing game zones that will really help you to get into character when incorporating a range of battle-like scenarios into your game.

Blow the cobwebs away!

Oh and finally, stag and hen weekends are notorious for over indulging, especially when it comes to enjoying copious amounts of food and drink.

But with paintballing being a super physical activity, all that exercise is sure to leave room for lots of guilt-free indulgence… It’s just probably not best to book your paintballing session when you are suffering from a severe hangover!

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